Joe Fuda (ELEC 8T8)April 18 at 10:47

Awesome job everyone! Props to the band! Loved the intro. song.

Damian (MSE 1T0)April 18 at 00:24


Vince Cerullo (Mech 8T3) & Karen Cerullo (ECE 1T8+PEY)April 17 at 20:08

Great job everyone! Hilarious show as always - congrats on 100 years!

Chris Peressotti (EngSci 0T1 + PEY (Director 0T7... yeah, it took me a while))April 17 at 17:46

CRUSHED IT. On its own, is funny and super-entertaining – but put together during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC? I'm astounded.

Cat GlossopApril 17 at 13:49

Great job guys! I died laughing at the tree sketch ahah

Isaac Glassman (2024)April 17 at 08:55

I don’t even go to this school but this was amazing!!! And great website

Josie Cooper (SN1T2-4 Cast)April 17 at 05:28

Watched it this morning (time zone problems...) what a great transition to the online platform :D I can't imagine how much effort went into the logistics, editing - and that animation number! Still keeping that SN magic alive during pandemic times <3 Thank you xoxo

Lucy Lu (2T0+PEY)April 17 at 01:42

So good I watched it twice! Love all the writings and performance! Glad to see the band members too! :) Great job!!

tony (2t3)April 17 at 01:40

absolute beaut

Minha (MECH2T3)April 17 at 00:14

This was sooo good! Congratulations for rocking Skule Nute 2T1 !!!!

David McMurtry (6T3 Mech Eng)April 16 at 22:43

I was in Skule Nite for 2 years.....fantastic fun experience. Good memories! Glad to see the tradition lives on.

Jacqueline SewardApril 16 at 22:35

Great job Mackenzie!!!!!

Danny Hui (0T7+PEY)April 16 at 22:15

Wonderful. Amazing hustle to make this happen.

Caroline April 16 at 22:09

Great job everyone!

Meg Muldoon (ECE1T9)April 16 at 21:46

Fantastic! Five Stars! Congratulations everyone!

Mike V (ECE1T9)April 16 at 21:45


Larry breakwell (8t9 (producer 8t7))April 16 at 21:39

Fantastic production. You carried on the tradition in the face of huge obstacles and pulled off a wonderful product that everyone can be proud of. You set a new online standard!

Julie MadsenApril 16 at 21:32

Well done Maya!!! Assistant Producer 👏🏻👏🏻

Chris and Stef Moraes (EngSci 0T5)April 16 at 21:27

Fantastic show!! Bravo!

Larry Brooks (MECH 8T6)April 16 at 21:24

Fantastic! Wonderful! Most fun ever! Thank you!

Jason Tigas (0T3+PEY)April 16 at 21:23

Great show, hilarious!

Naveen AggarwalApril 16 at 21:22

Superb execution! With talent like this, in all facets of art and tech., our future is secure in the hands of these young engineers!

Pranshu Malik (ECE 2T1 + PEY)April 16 at 21:20

Amazing job!! Loved it :)

Jacek Mlynarski (1T4)April 16 at 21:18

Good job!

Louvain Piggott & Rocky SimmonsApril 16 at 21:16

Fantastic show!!!! Congratulations to all Louvain & Rocky(6T4,6T5,6T9)

Noah (ECE2T2)April 16 at 21:16

Great job everyone! Turned out great even with this year's challenges! GO SKULE!

Matt S. (MIE 0T0+PEY)April 16 at 21:15

Fun show! Well done everyone!

Justin Klodner (9T6)April 16 at 21:15

Great job, everyone ! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your singing ! If that engineering thing doesn’t work out, you’ve always got Broadway. Good luck in your studies. Cheers, y’all !

Ho K. SungApril 16 at 21:14

Bravo! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew. 100 years from now, your future alums would be proud!

Darlene WestApril 16 at 21:13

Fabulous show!! Thank you

Sam Orr (0T5 CHEM Enviro (SN 0T5 Cast))April 16 at 21:13

Thanks for all your hard work putting this together! I actually laughed out loud!

Henry Shi (EngSci1T1)April 16 at 21:13


Shruti (MSE 1T3)April 16 at 21:13

Woooow I am SO impressed! This is amazing!

Dan Siegal (0T1+PEY)April 16 at 21:02


James Courtney (6T6)April 16 at 20:48

Interesting production: amazing use of 2021 Techologies. Congratulations!

dartlord (2023)April 16 at 20:39

would give up my darts to watch again

Joshua Pius (ECE 2T1)April 16 at 20:23

GOAT level content!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

Ian C. (Skule Nite 0T0 Musical Director) (0T0+PEY)April 16 at 20:22

100 years?!?! How have we not been canceled yet? A testament to the fact that crass engineering humour never goes out style.

Sadiq Motani (ESP 1T4-1T5 and 1T5-1T6)April 16 at 20:21

Go Skule Night :)! Best of luck for tonight's show and kudos to the entire Skule Nite Team

Vlad OladejoApril 16 at 20:20

Great job, everyone! Thanks for putting smiles on our faces!

Sujit Thottarath (0T6)April 16 at 20:14

So excited! :)

michael cox (1976)April 16 at 20:07

It's been 45 years since I was a producer of Skule Nite 7T6. It just keeps getting better and better!! And I'm getting younger and younger!

Jan Piekoszewski (8T0 (Director 8T1))April 16 at 20:05

Break a leg!

KiaApril 16 at 20:05

Already a historic event! Congrats on putting a show together and thanks for helping us (try to) keep sane.

DAFFY DILApril 16 at 20:02


Chris Daniel (MECH 9T6)April 16 at 20:02

Still singing around the piano with cast members from 9T1! Eh Lydia, Carson and John??? :-)

Peter Murphy (1T5+PEY)April 16 at 20:02

I'm glad you guys did this, I'm excited to see the show

Aryan (2T4)April 16 at 20:01

60 seconds!

Jim Belaskie (1983)April 16 at 20:00

Watching with Elizabeth Bradley, T86

Ibrahim Hassan (EngSci 2T5)April 16 at 20:00

Hello everyone!

Peter J Boudreau (8T6)April 16 at 20:00

Excited to be reconnected with Would Nite!

James Courtney (6T6)April 16 at 20:00

New image engineer Skuke Nite 6T3: also performed in SN 6T4

Theshantha De Silva (2T1+PEY)April 16 at 19:59

Amazing how this team pulled together a show in these times, excited to see the show!

Toby (2021)April 16 at 19:59

lets get hypeee

Rohit Zachariah (Indy 1T8+PEY)April 16 at 19:59


Chloe O (Mech 2T0+PEY)April 16 at 19:59

I'm so excited to experience the first ever online SN!!! Break a leg!

Kyle Juliao (2T2+PEY)April 16 at 19:59


Gi SardinhaApril 16 at 19:59

Go Skule Nite! Toi toi toi from Lisbon, Portugal

Peter Meiklejohn (CIV 8T3)April 16 at 19:59

Everyone have fun and enjoy.

Henry Kneis (Eng Sci 8T5, Skule Nite 8T1 cast member)April 16 at 19:58

Glad to see I’m not the oldest one here. Break a leg! Skule of Science, Skule of Science hooray, hooray, hooray!!!

Roman Litwinchuk (8T3)April 16 at 19:58

Looking forward to the show!

Rhonda MeekApril 16 at 19:58

Break legs you lovelies!

Karen (Dóniz) Arciszewski (9T4)April 16 at 19:57

I was in the 9T0 and 9T1 productions :) looking forward to this year

Annie SimpsonApril 16 at 19:57

Looking forward to it. Way to go on the unstoppable creativity.

Sylvia Schenkenberger (nee Boller) (9T2)April 16 at 19:56

This technology is sure helpful during this pandemic! Go Skule Nite!

Christian Chicorli (0T8+PEY)April 16 at 19:56

Break a leg! Looking forward to great audio! SkuleNite Sound 0T5 - 0T9

Bruce Thomson (7T8)April 16 at 19:56

Everyone just comes for the Bnad!

Dave and Litsa PopowichApril 16 at 19:55

So awesome how the entire team persevered through such trying times to deliver tonight’s release... Great job to all!

Elizabeth de Roode (1T6)April 16 at 19:55

Good luck everyone! So excited for the show!

Justin (Mech 1T3)April 16 at 19:54

You guys are abso-fucking-lutely incredible for pulling this off. I couldn't be more excited. Break all the legs I'm ready to laugh my ass off. Have a great show!!!

Laurence Gutcher (9T0)April 16 at 19:53

Yippee. Skule Nite rocks!

Michael Nettleton (8T2)April 16 at 19:52

Waiting with as much anticipation as I was backstage for my first show (7T8). :-) Wonderful, wonderful programme — and website — beautifully and cleverly designed. You have *already* exceeded expectations and we have yet to watch a thing! Break a leg. Merde. !!!

Venkat (INDY2T2)April 16 at 19:51

LETS GOOO *dababy voice*

Ashrith Domun (1T6)April 16 at 19:50

Props to you all for doing it despite the on-going shitstorm!

Tom Schuck (Ind 9T0)April 16 at 19:50

So excited to see the 100th anniversary show!

Cemil (Jim) otar (7T5)April 16 at 19:50

Wow, I am so old.

David Schenkel (7T5)April 16 at 19:48


Martha Mac-roachApril 16 at 19:46

So excited!!!

Hasan Alkabeer (CHEM 0T9 + PEY)April 16 at 19:46

Break a leg all! Well done for keeping the tradition alive during these unprecedented times!

Alex (1T6+PEY (Prod 1T7))April 16 at 19:45

Congratulations everyone, and break a leg!!!

Gail HakalaApril 16 at 19:43

Yeah SKULE! I was a cast member in the early 80's. Looking forward to this immensely!

Chris Kwon (2T3)April 16 at 19:43


Amanda Bell (Indy1T1+PEY)April 16 at 19:41

Break a leg! Congrats Cast, Band, Crew, and everyone else who made Skule Nite 2T1 happen.

Murray SewardApril 16 at 19:40

Go Mack!

A supporter April 16 at 19:39


Rachel CurrieApril 16 at 19:34

Sending all the virtual heckles and cheers from the Daffydil medicine cast and crew!! We miss your chaotic dress rehearsal energy!

Steven Szeto (0T9 (Producer 0T8/0T9))April 16 at 19:30

Yay Skule Nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing job putting this together! Super Excited!

Sherry Esfahani (MSE1T5)April 16 at 19:26

Go Skule Nite!

Flo from ProgressiveApril 16 at 19:21

If everything was as well built as this website and show, insurance wouldn't even exist

Bill CM Tang (2021)April 16 at 19:20

Hyped for for the LED suite

Jake Foster (2T0)April 16 at 19:17

Love being reminded of the Skule community! CONGRATS to everyone on their hard work! About to make my Friday

Alec McTavish (8T7 (Director, 8T8))April 16 at 19:17

Looking forward to seeing what magic you have wrought for us. Break a non-essential appendage!

KarmaApril 16 at 19:16

I am so excited for tonight <3 Love from cast of 2T0 :)

Albert Huynh (1T2T1+PEY)April 16 at 19:13

Excited to see the show, kudos to everyone for getting it together this year

William Wang (2T0+PEY)April 16 at 19:13

Skule Nite!!!!

Hollis Milroy (1T6)April 16 at 19:12

Yay Skule Nite! Congrats you folks delivering premium comedy in such challenging times!!!

Julia Filiplic (Mech 1T8+1)April 16 at 19:08

Break a leg! As sad as I am to not be able to see this amazing show in person, it is pretty exciting to know that I get to watch with so many people across the globe at the same time. Congrats to all involved!

Darsh Jain (CHEM 2T3)April 16 at 19:07

Let's go SkuleNite !! Hyped for the event and break a leg !!!

Matthew Cabral (1T5+PEY)April 16 at 18:22

Soooooo hyyyyype!! Break every leg in your bodies!

Mackenzie Clark (1T9)April 16 at 17:43

Break a leg I love you all <3

Mr. IncredibleApril 16 at 17:37

Gabe you are the real Mr. Incredible

Wayne Levin (8T3)April 16 at 17:12

Break a virtual leg tonight, but wear a mask and stay away from each other!

Lydia Van der Veen (8T8 (Director, 9T3))April 16 at 16:46

Break a leg, everyone! I know I almost did!!!!

Chirag Variawa (MSE0T9)April 16 at 16:31

Way to go Skule Nite 2T1 -- so excited for this! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!1!one :) :) --CV.

TristanApril 16 at 16:39

Go skule nite!

Kristin PhilpotApril 16 at 16:25

Break a leg tonight!