To celebrate a century of laughter, Skule Nite alumni have established a new student scholarship – making sure that students have the support they need to pursue both academics and extracurriculars.

We're grateful to all of the donors who have made this scholarship possible and given generously to support future Skule Nite productions. Thank you, fossils & alumni!


Mat Szeto, ECE 0T3+1 Michael Nettleton, Ind 8T2

SKULE NITE LEGEND ($1,921 - $4,999)

Alex Hatz, ECE 9T4 Ines Fernandez Valdivieso, Ind 0T9+PEY & Xavier Tang, Ind 0T9+PEY Karri Paradi, Ind 9T4 Rob West, Chem 8T1 Tiffany Conroy, EngSci 0T2

SKULE NITE FOSSIL ($1,000 - $1,921)

Christopher Colohan, Comp 9T7 Daniel Marquez, Ind 0T8+1 Gary McNally, Chem 6T7 Jim Podolak, Civil 7T5 Matthew Lenner, Comp 0T1 Paul Cochrane, Mech 8T3

SKULE NITE FLUNKY ($100 - $999)

Alec W McTavish, Elec 8T7, 9T0 Alexander Perelgut, EngSci 1T7 Caprice Boisvert, Mech 9T3 Catherine Phillips-Smith, Chem 1T3, 1T5 Christopher S Langley, Aero ‘8T8, 0T1, 0T4 Christopher W Roscoe, EngSci 0T7, Aero 0T9 Dan Siegal, EngSci 0T1 David Schenkel, EngSci 7T5 Douglas Jardine, Chem 6T0 Felicia Hsu, Comp 0T4 Hasan Alkabeer, Chem 1T0 James F. Prendergast, Mech 8T5, 8T9 Jeffrey Moretti, Comp 0T6 Jennifer Lee, Civil 0T8 Joe Gilling, Mech 6T5 Joseph Charles Likuski, EngSci 8T2 Joseph F Schaffer, Chem 7T4 Kia Puhm, Comp 9T5 Laurence Gutcher, EngSci 9T0 Lauri Hiivala, Elec 6T5 Leslie D Ferguson, Civil 0T0 Marion Breukelman, GeoEng 8T6 Mark Nightingale, Civil 8T8 Markus Bussmann, PhD MIE 0T0 Mary Fenn-Dunbar Matt Roorda, Civil 9T8, 0T5 Matthew Cabral, Comp 1T6 Matthew Frade, Ind 1T6 Naveen Aggarwal Nick Iozzo, Elec 8T6 Peter J. Goshulak, Mech 1T2, Biomed 1T4 Peter Nelson, Elec 7T9 Peter Wills, Civil 1T2 Phillip Simmons, Chem 6T4, 6T5 Sandra Sousa, Elec 1T3 Scott A. Orr, Chem 1T4 Siobhan Keogh, Ind 8T0 Stephen Baxter, Mech 8T5 Sze Lo, Chem 7T1 Terry Borer, EngSci 0T0, Elec 0T5 Thomas A. Medal, Mech 1T6 Thomas Keresztes, Chem 8T1 Tom Meadowcroft, EngSci 8T8 Vincent S Lee, Comp 1T4 Wayne S Gibson, Civil 8T3