Photo of Thomas Dell

Thomas Dell

As more of a shorts guy, Thomas hopes the rise in internet video calling means humanity has evolved beyond the need for pants.

Photo of Andrew Evanyshyn

Andrew Evanyshyn

Mr. Evanyshyn is a very busy man, as he is a full-time, world renowned, highly praised, professional, and successful actor. Thus, he is unable to take any time for you right now. Any complaints about the performance should be directed to his agent at (647)-555-6622.

Photo of Ernie Huergo

Ernie Huergo

Spicier than a taco. Stronger than tequila. The talent of this Mexican's about to kill ya.

Photo of Nancy Li

Nancy Li

Nancy has decided to bravely combat imposter syndrome by being genuinely bad.

Photo of Rhythm Loomba

Rhythm Loomba

Rhythm’s parents made a deal with the devil so her performances are always on beat. Unfortunately, they lack soul. Secret message for premium viewers: Boron. Aluminum. Lithium. Sulfur. Lithium. Iron.

Photo of Emily Macdonald-Roach

Emily Macdonald-Roach

Emily’s previous film credits include playing herself in several home movies and “Extra #9” in “A Stranger’s Snapchat”. She has not received any Oscars and she is mad. Consider this a formal complaint.

Photo of Steph McDonald

Steph McDonald

Stephanie M wants you to know that you’re NOT a true blue, and would like to ask that people please STOP throwing seafood at her dolls. This is a serious request.

Photo of Matthew Palandra

Matthew Palandra

Matthew is that guy that does viral magic on TikTok. You should ask him to perform some close-up tricks if you see him around campus. If only his magic tricks worked on his GPA :,).

Photo of Stephanie Perri

Stephanie Perri

Stephanie P wishes this could be a voice memo, so to compensate, please read this in an Australian accent: "G'day there mate! If you're reading this, Stephanie wants you to know that you are a true blue! Once this is all over, what do you say that you and Steph go throw a shrimp on the barbie?" (Serious inquiries only).


Photo of Eldon Chen
Eldon Chen


Photo of Julia DeMarchi
Julia DeMarchi


Photo of Sergio P Dhelomme
Sergio P Dhelomme


Photo of Emily Ding
Emily Ding


Photo of Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham

Trumpet 1

Photo of Yilin Huang
Yilin Huang

Violin 2

Photo of Eleanor Jiang
Eleanor Jiang


Photo of Katherine Mao
Katherine Mao

Alto Saxophone

Photo of Dana Murdoch
Dana Murdoch

Trumpet 2

Photo of William Pei
William Pei


Photo of Katie Stephens
Katie Stephens

Violin 1

Photo of Ian Wang
Ian Wang

Tenor Saxophone, Trombone

Photo of William Wang
William Wang



Photo of Michael Cortese
Michael Cortese

Stage Manager

Photo of Sandhi Ganjoo
Sandhi Ganjoo

Floor Manager

Photo of Daniel Ding
Daniel Ding

Tech Director

Photo of Puneet Bagga
Puneet Bagga

Asst. Tech Director

Photo of Kyra Poupore
Kyra Poupore

Head Costumes

Photo of Sera Shkut
Sera Shkut

Props Master

Photo of Alyson Allen
Alyson Allen

Asst. Props Master

Photo of Joel Kahn
Joel Kahn

Head Carpenter

Photo of Ethan James Stojanov
Ethan James Stojanov

Asst. Carpenter

Photo of Vishal Manek
Vishal Manek

Asst. Carpenter

Photo of Catherine Ye
Catherine Ye

Co-Head Animator

Photo of Dana Kokoska
Dana Kokoska

Co-Head Animator

Photo of Victoria Ruiz
Victoria Ruiz

Head SFX

Photo of Rhythm Loomba
Rhythm Loomba

Asst. SFX

Photo of Char Erb
Char Erb

Co-Head Sound

Photo of Bing Li
Bing Li

Co-Head Sound

Photo of Andrew Uderian
Andrew Uderian

Head Lighting

Photo of Brian Lam
Brian Lam

Asst. Lighting

Photo of Dina Castelletto
Dina Castelletto


Photo of Peter Athanasopoulos
Peter Athanasopoulos


Photo of Colin Gu
Colin Gu

Ninja Trucker

Dasha Moskvitina, Asst. Costumes Ege Feyzioglu, Asst. Sound Dina Castelletto, Photographer Jacob Foster, Ninja Trucker Aidan Grenville, Ninja Trucker Rozilyn Marco, Ninja Trucker Polina Yurchenko, Ninja Trucker


Photo of Amanda Morelli
Amanda Morelli

Co-Social Media & Outreach Manager

Photo of Julia Taylor
Julia Taylor

Head of Graphics

Photo of Bo Zhao
Bo Zhao

Asst. Graphics

Brohath Amrithraj, Co-Social Media & Outreach Manager Gabe Sher, Webmaster


Photo of Sofia Tijanic
Sofia Tijanic


Photo of Nicholas Popowich
Nicholas Popowich


Photo of Maya Dai
Maya Dai

Asst. Producer

Photo of Mike Vu
Mike Vu


Photo of Anya Banning
Anya Banning

Head Writer

Photo of Alex Buck
Alex Buck

Music Director

Photo of William Pei
William Pei

Asst. Music Director

Photo of Danja Papajani
Danja Papajani

Head Choreographer

Photo of Jac Amoranto
Jac Amoranto

Asst. Choreographer

Photo of Mackenzie Seward
Mackenzie Seward

Vocal Director

Photo of Tristan Lipton
Tristan Lipton

Asst. Vocals

Photo of Emily Macdonald-Roach
Emily Macdonald-Roach

Asst. Vocals


Anya Banning Mike Vu Emily Macdonald-Roach Melanie Zhang Sean Pitre Michael Cortese Sergio Pondé Dhelomme Jenny Graydon Johnny McGroarty Jacob Foster Tristan Lipton Stephanie McDonald Josh Davis Joel Kahn Cameron Whittle Mackenzie Clark Mackenzie Seward Scott Whitty Jacqueline Amoranto Gabriel Sher Karma Saskia Chloe Oriotis Stephen Dawe Rhythm Loomba Stephanie Perri Nancy Li Andrew Evanyshyn Matthew Palandra